J A N A   H O J D O V Á






Jana Hojdova was born in Prague. She grew up in a family of filmmakers. Her father, Petr Hojda, is a director of photography and her mother, Zuzana Zemanova, is a director. Her grandfather Borivoj Zeman was a very famous director who shot the most visited film, a fairy-tale Proud Princess, in Czechoslovak and Czech history.


She was in touch witch film from childhood. Jana has never thought of doing anything else but working in the film industry. Since her childhood she took pictures but was mostly interested in camera.  Jana finished her studies at FAMU - cinematography department in 2019. She cooperated with directors but she made a lot of films just herself - including directing.


Her bachelor film, The Dream, was Nominated for Best Cinematography in Short Film Competition - Camerimage 2015 and awarded Jaroslav Kucera Award by ACK - 2016 (The Czech Society of Cinematographers). Her documentary Letopis which she shot about her father was Nominated for Best Cinematography in Short Film Competition Ostrava KAMERA OKO 2015. In 2017 Jana was awarded by Air Traffic Control of the Czech Republic for shooting spots for the company. In 2019 Jana has been awarded Jaroslav Kucera Award for her practical work during her studies at FAMU.